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We walk dogs in their natural and familiar surroundings

We provide professional dog walking and dog sitting in Prague right in surroundings they know. We can also take your dogs to our place, but we have very limited capacities. We do dog-sitting with love and give the dogs the best care they deserve. 


 we have the most reliable dog sitters in the region (see our team)

we send beautiful collages from each visit 

we are insured by Kooperativa up to CZK 1,000,000 (see the certificate below)

we work 365 days a year



How does it work?

The dog sitter will first visit you at home for a preliminary meeting, where they will get to know you and your dog, and they will show you a short trial walk. After that, they will put your details in the contract, take your keys and take your payment in advance. The dog sitter will then go to your place as arranged, walk the dog, feed it, play with it and then send you an original photo collage from the visit together with a detailed report on if your dog had a good time and if everything is alright.


What about safety? Are dog-sitters vetted? 

We know well that it might be difficult for you to decide whether to order our service due to distrust of strangers. For this reason, we carefully select and train our staff, send you photos/videos from each visit, protect ourselves with contracts and take other measures. We are also insured by Kooperativa for up to CZK 1,000,000.

In case you are interested to learn more information regarding the safety of your possessions, please see our Frequently asked questions

We walk dogs with love

We love our work and we do our best to take care of your dogs with the best responsibility and love they deserve.




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Go directly to our order form. After entering your order, we will calculate a non-binding approximate price.

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Adequate, transparent prices without hidden fees. Everything is immediately clearly visible:



Services our agency can provide

Visiting your dog:

dog walking – a walk made to suit any dog individually according to its abilities
feeding and changing drinking water
 playing with the dog (most of the time during the visit), brushing on request 
sending updates with photos of your dog to your phone/ e-mail after each visit 
airing out the flat / house on request
applying medicine as needed; we can also use injection needles, if necessary
feeding other small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.)
collecting post/ watering plants

Taking your dog to our place:

dog-sitting in the place of our dog-sitters (limited capacities)
dog walking – a walk made to suit any dog individually according to its abilities
feeding and changing drinking water
playing with the dog, brushing on request 
sending you updates with photos of your dog to your phone/ e-mail daily

Other services:

buying additional food or other supplies for the dog at the client’s expense (price + travel expenses will be charged after the dog sitting is finished)
if necessary, transporting the animal to a veterinarian after consulting with you
bringing your keys to you personally


Inquire about dog walking/ dog sitting price now

Go directly to our order form. After entering your order, we will calculate a non-binding approximate price.

Order our services now 


In this section you can learn about te most frequently asked questions


Each of our dog sitters is carefully selected, has a clean criminal record and is reliably vetted. They sign a standard contract and also a material responsibility contract. A dog sitter also sends you messages about your pets with a carefully made photo collage, which is also shared with a supervisor. Moreover, you will meet the dog sitter personally before the dog sitting starts.

Your keys will only be available to the agency personnel. Of course, we will always do our best to send only one dog sitter to your place, but if it is necessary (for instance if the dog sitter gets ill or there is too much workload, etc.), another member of our vetted staff will be sent to sit your dog after consulting with you.

Rádi vyvenčíme všechny pejsky, kteří nevykazují známky agresivity či jiné nezvladatelnosti, která může vyústit v ohrožení jak naší chůvy tak jiných psů, které může váš pes potkat při procházce. Pokud jde o menší plemena, která je možno při takovémto střetu fyzicky odtrhnout, není problém se na venčení rovněž domluvit. Pokud jde o větší plemena psů s tímto problémovým chováním,, která by vyžadovala přílišnou sílu při případném útoku nebo útěku, jsme z bezpečnostního hlediska bohužel nuceni toto venčení odmítnout.

We recommend ordering dog sitting as far ahead as possible, so that we are able to find a dog sitter for you in time. Please, order dog sitting no later than 7 days before you need it to start. If you don’t, we cannot guarantee we will have enough available staff. 

The frequency of visits depends on the needs of each individual dog and therefore it is not possible to set a universal number of visits for all animals. If you need your dog to be taken for a walk always on the same day of the week (for instance due to long working hours), we recommend one longer visit so that the walk is sufficient. If you are going on a holiday and need to leave your dog at home, the minimal recommended frequency of visits is twice a day (e.g. one longer and one shorter visit). All kinds of visits can be combined as you wish. Nevertheless, your dog has to be used to being alone and it is up to your discretion what frequency is sufficient.  

To make sure that your possessions are safe, we try to take all possible measures, including safe return of keys to you personally. For this reason, we do not accept requests for your keys to be left in your mailbox or even in your flat. 

We always try our best to make sure you are satisfied, however, if your expectations are not met even though you have expressed your requirements regarding dog sitting clearly, we will offer you an adequate compensation.



Our team consists of not only experienced and reliable dog sitters, but more importantly of huge dog lovers, who give your dogs the loving attention they deserve


Anna  – team supervisor and dog-sitter

Main dog sitting territory: the centre of Prague and anything on the metro line C

Anna is a student at the Czech University of Life Sciences in a field focused on rehabilitation with the help of animals. In the future, she plans to pursue canistherapy. She has loved dogs since she was a child and nowadays she owns one cat called Minnie, whom she loves more than anything else. She also plans to get a dog for canistherapeutic purposes. She used to volunteer in a cat shelter in Bohnice, helping cats that were not lucky enough to have their own families.

She has been working in the agency since winter 2016, when she originally started on the position of a cat sitter, but now she walks dogs as well. Anna is also a representative of the management and participates in employee management. In her spare time, she reads books and spends time with her friends.



Michaela – dog-sitter

Main dog sitting territory: Prague 9, Satalice, Letňany

Miachela grew up with pets like cats dogs guineapigs, roddents or fish. Recently she has siberiand husky called Cairo (on the picture) who she loves the most. The are going to the trips together, take long walks and do sports like caniscross, bikejöring or coursing. They also took part in a couple of international or regional dog shows. In the future, Michaela would like to do rehabilitation with the help of dog or to have a breeding station.

Misha studied tourism and apart from dog-sitting she also works with children and trains them to be a majorette.

Her own dogs: Cairo


Klára – dog-sitter and cat-sitter

Main dog sitting territory: Prague west, Hostivice, Řepy, Zličín

Klara lives all her live between animals although she doesn´t have her own dog recently. Klara has big experience with dogs because she had two malamutes, two border colia and she is now looking for sheltie. Before Klara dedicated to rehabilitation with her dogs and shepherding. In the past, she was also accompanied by sheeps, rabits, but first of all by horses. Klára was a horse racer and she dedicated to hippotherapy as well. Recently is Klara on the mathernity leave with small Anežka, who she leads to be a great pet-loving and understanding little person. The rest of the time she dedicates to her husband, travelling with her family, cooking and reading.





Nikol Šabatová – Agency head

Nikol comes from West Bohemia and her job is the overall management of the agency. In 2014, she started the cat sitting project, which is now the largest cat sitting agency in the Czech Republic. However, due to frequent questions about dogs, Nikol decided to add the service of dog sitting and dog walking in their natural surroundings. “I believe in unique individuality of each living being, and therefore, even though there are many dog hotels, I think that a lot of dogs would rather stay at home and be visited by one dog sitter, who the dog can get used to and who will pay it the attention it needs.”

Nikol leads a team of experienced dog sitters who always work with the agency long-term and who get regular training. In January 2018, Nikol successfully completed a retraining course for “Dog Breeding and Training”. CERTIFICATE OF REQUALIFICATION – Dog Breeding and Training.